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Introductory Comment

Currently, ISPMan uses the mailRoutingAddress to route mail arround for several mailstores. So username@domain.tld get's tranlated to username_domain_tld@cyrus_mailstore_backend.

My problem with this approach is that user would have to login to POP/IMAP like username_domain_tld unless an IMAP/POP proxy was in the middle to do the needed translation from username@domain.tld to username_domain_tld.

The mailRoutingAddress now just becomes the normal email address of the user, ie, username@domain.tld.

How to checkout the CVS branch which incorporrates the @-branch:

cvs -z3 co -r dev_1_3-cyrus_virtdomain2 ispman


Cyrus & Saslauthd

To support this new behaviour, one must set cyrus virtdomains setting to userid or on(I'm using userid), unixhierarchysep to yes and also pass the -r flag allong with all other's you already passed to saslauthd init script.

In imap.conf you must also set lmtp_admins with cyrus in it. This cyrus user is the one we've setup in ispman.conf, so set it to the one you've set in ispman.conf if you changed that. This is for all cyrus mailstores you have



The needed changes of postfix from the old behaviour are that every domain we hanlde will be relayed wether it is set to deliver localy or trough smtp.

No more virtual_alias_domains because with this setting we're promissing postfix that we're gonna re-write the address for a domain listed there, and we're not doin't that. Instead, every domain we host will be in relay_domains.

The relay_recipient_maps will have all the addresses meant to be handled localy(ie, not forwarded).

The virtual_alias_maps will only be used to handle mail forwards.

The tranport_maps will become the heart of this setup. It will be used to let postfix how to relay. We're gonna use lmtp for that.

All ldap-* files can be found on the patched ISPMan source under install-data/examples/postfix_configuration/with_cyrus_virtdomains/


Final Thought's

Although a user is now able to login into IMAP/POP, with username@domain.tld, in order to be able to fetch the correct mailbox from the correct cyrus mailstore, an IMAP/POP proxy is still needed, unless we setup cyrus murder, or we use only one cyrus mailstore.



With perdition CVS(1.17 has a bug in the ldap code), one is able to solve the problem I said earlier, ie, we use perdition to proxy for the several cyrus backends.

Postfix queries the ldap database for the user loggin in and returns the mailHost, which then uses to know where to proxy to.



Here are the important configurations:

File: /etc/perdition/perdition.conf
A all
query_key \\U
M /usr/lib/
m "3:ldap://,dc=ufsoft,dc=org?mailLocalAddress,mailHost,,?sub?(uid=%25s)"

And that's all there's needed to solve the final problem with this kind of setup :)

Of course on perdition.conf you might use other options with these, I did, specially the debuging parts, and so should you when testing, but, these are the real important settings.

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