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This is where the ideas of the Mailman mailing list support will be put.

In order to leave the needed alias(simpler implementation) out any domain that whishes to have mailing lists support will have a subdomain, lists.domain.tld. This will redirect all mail to the lists.domain.tld subdomain to the postfix-to-mailman script which "looks at the recipient for each mail message and decides if the mail is addressed to a valid list or not, and bounces the message with a helpful suggestion if it's not addressed to a list. It decides if it is a posting, a list command, or mail to the list administrator, by checking for the -admin, -owner, and -request addresses. It will recognize a list as soon as the list is created, there is no need to add _any_ aliases for any list. It recognizes mail to postmaster, mailman-owner, abuse, mailer-daemon, root, and owner, and routes those mails to MailmanOwner as defined in the configuration variables"

So far nothing as came to mind on how to limit the number of mailing lists a domain can have, unless mailing lists are created on the WebUI, and we remove the way to create mailing lists from the Mailman's admin interface.

Probably use the Mailman's binaries to create the ML's.


Topics to be completed

  • Include config vars in admin UI - DONE
  • Create the lists.dom.tld fake/hidden domain so postfix recognises it as a relay domain - DONE
  • Create the lists.dom.tld VHost - DONE
  • Add lists.dom.tld to Mailman (add_virtualhost('lists.dom.tld')) Note: This means touching a python file with perl in mind, not good, perhaps this requires a python task file.

There are also lot's of other stuff already done, but real virtual domains are not supported by Mailman, so we'll probably have to wait for Mailman-2.2alpha

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